Frequently Asked Questions


BreakFree is a complete nutrition and education program for overcoming anxiety, panic attacks and related depression.


I’m taking medication; can I still use the BreakFree Program?

Absolutely! We have been very careful not to include anything in the BreakFree Program that would conflict with your anxiety or depression medications.


Will I still need to take medication?

Most people are eventually able to live comfortably without drugs. Those who still need medication are usually able to significantly reduce the amount taken.


How long before I can expect to see results?

Most people get some relief right away if they continue to follow the program-usually in the first two weeks. Many people feel better from the first day. Others take longer because their nutritional depletion is more severe.


Will I still need to continue seeing my therapist?

In the BreakFree program you’ll learn about “imprinting” where the brain is imprinted to react in a fearful way to anything that was in the physical vicinity when the chemistry of the fight or flight response took place. A good cognitive therapist can help you undo this imprinting and any behavior modification that has taken place. People with high anxiety, panic disorder and depression often have certain personality types and responses that are detrimental to their recovery. Working with a therapist to change those behaviors can also be helpful. On the other hand, I have worked with patients who claimed to be totally “cured” once they had gone through the BreakFree Program.


You mean I am not crazy or mentally ill?

In my experience, the people who suffer from the symptoms of anxiety and depression are sensitive, kind, intelligent, creative, loving, courageous people. The strange behavior exhibited often turns out to be a result of imprinting, behavior modification or coping mechanisms developed by these very intelligent and creative people. Once they go through the BreakFree program, the “real, mentally healthy” person is able to emerge.


What if my body’s nutritional needs are different?

Although everyone receives the same information and nutrients, we’ve included instructions with the “in home” version of the BreakFree Program that will help you adjust for your body’s particular needs.


How does the cost compare with the clinic program?

It is about one-tenth the cost. As an extra bonus you don’t have travel and lodging expenses.


Can a child benefit from the BreakFree Program?

Yes. Both Polly and Josh started having anxiety symptoms as very young children. If they could have had the BreakFree Program, they would have suffered so much less. With parental support and guidance and an adjustment of the nutrients depending on the child’s age and size, it is very safe and effective for children. Dr. Meyers, Polly, and Josh regularly help parents adjust the nutritional protocol for children.

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