Steps to controlling your Anxiety Symptoms

Step 1: Get Connected

Receive Anxiety Tips, Advice, and Ask Questions!


You can get *Free*:

  • Tips
  • Advice
  • Ask questions
  • Latest Science on Anxiety
  • and even share your story

“I only wish I had had the information contained in the Fear Less-Live More anxiety audio course. It would have saved me so many years, thousands of dollars and thousands of panic attacks. I don’t want one more person to suffer like I did.”

Step 2: Listen to

Fear Less-Live More

Understanding Anxiety and Developing a Plan for Your Recovery

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A 7 Session Anxiety Audio Course

Session #1 Do I or Someone I Love Have Anxiety? 33:46
Session #2 The Secret Fears and Most Asked Questions People Have About Anxiety. 45:43
Session #3 Is My Anxiety Genetic, and What Does That Mean? 32:28
Session #4 So Your Friends and Loved Ones Don’t Understand! 27:12
Session #5 Why Do I Have These Terrible Symptoms & How Can I Drop the Guilt? 32:28
Session #6 Benefits of Fixing My Anxiety Disorder in the Short and Long Term. 45:51
Session #7 Developing a Personal Strategy for My Recovery. 41:10

$27 ($99 value)



“I have found that once a patient is educated about their health issue, they are much more likely to get well... After you listen to Fear Less-Live More, you will have more knowledge about anxiety than 97% of all health professionals.
- Dr. Ron Meyers

Step 3: Now order

BreakFree Program

Nutritional Support for
Overcoming Stress, Anxiety, Panic Disorder, and Related Depression.

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The BreakFree Program is a complete nutrition and education program for overcoming anxiety, panic attacks and related depression. It is based on the combined effort and research of the lifetime work of Dr. Ron Meyers and his wife, Polly, co-founders of Break Free From Anxiety, and others who have been profoundly affected by anxiety, panic attacks,GAD and/or related depression.

Based on the very latest in scientific research. The BreakFree Program gets to the very heart-the root cause-of your body’s inappropriate response to stress, anxiety and related depression. By getting to the cause and treating it at the root, lifetime relief can be a reality for you.

  • BreakFree Manual – 154 page spiral bound BreakFree Manual.
  • BreakFree Audio Course – 16 MP3 Indexed BreakFree Audio Course on 5 CDs.
  • Getting Started Nutrient Pack:

1. A 30 day supply of 5 nutrients-the exact high quality nutrients Dr. Meyers has found to be most effective for you to start overcoming the symptoms and stopping the damage created by anxiety, panic attacks and related depression.

2. Complete instructions

3. Ounce marked water bottle

4. A.M. and P.M. nutrient pill containers

5.Pocket/purse pill container

  • Downloadable Version BreakFree Workbook and Audios – Download links will arrive in your email box immediately after purchase. You won’t have to wait for delivery. Start listening and learning immediately.

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In Home Break Free Program - $299


Did you ever have your doctor or pharmaceutical company give you your money back when you didn’t get the help you needed-even when the treatment made you feel worse? We are so confident that the BreakFree Program will help you feel better that we give you a full 60-day money back guarantee. The only thing you have to do is give it a real try.With our no risk, 60 day, money back, guarantee, you have absolutely nothing to lose but those horrible feelings.

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"In Fear Less-Live More you’ll learn you’re not crazy. Those symptoms are just your body’s way of trying to tell you that it needs something to feel better. No more"feeling sorry for yourself. Get busy!

Thom Bierdz

Actor-Phillip Chancellor III The Young and the Restless
Author Forgiving Troy

."If you or a loved one suffers from the cruel symptoms of anxiety, Fear Less-Live More should be at the top of your list of resources. New and refreshing information presented by people who have been where you are. The course will help you develop a program for your recovery."

Jack Canfield

Co-author of the bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul series and The
Success Principles

"Having experienced a number of episodes of serious depression and anxiety in my life, and as the author of "Free Falling - Living on the Edge of Insanity," I am happy to report that for many people experiencing these kinds of emotional issues, there is hope. Polly J. Meyers and her team have developed a comprehensive approach to dealing with anxiety disorder and general depression, that will give hope to many, where none previously existed. Her program is solid from top to bottom but I would particularly recommend, "Fear Less-Live More," if you're sick of being sick, and are looking for the tools you need to make a real difference in your life."

Ken Vrana

Director of Snow Angels.
CEO 1 in 8 Foundation
Author “Free Falling – Living on the Edge of Insanity,”

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